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Pump Testing

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High pressure water is either produced by using the gravity head in deep shafts (usually over 1500m deep) or by using one or more pumps in a pumpstation.

Pumpstations draw their water from the mine service water supply; this usually requires that is reduced in pressure and filtered. In some cases a water tank is used as a supply buffer and to collect recirculation water.

The pumps themselves can be of various sizes and configurations to suit the specific application. Multiple pump setups use electronic controllers to ensure efficient energy usage and to match output with demand.

Single pumps can be installed close to or within the working area.

Multiple pump systems are usually installed in a special cubby with ventilation, lighting and easy access.

Novatek can supply:

  • Powerpacks
  • High efficiency electric motors, variable speed drives (VSD).
  • Booster pumps.
  • Pressure reducing valves.
  • Unloader valves for single pump installations.
  • Tank filling valves.
  • Water tanks
  • Sand filter
  • Wedge wire strainers and filters (to as low as 25 microns). These can be flushed while on-line and are also used for return water.
  • Electronic controllers for multiple pump systems and VSDs.
  • Instrumentation.