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Fuse and Ball Valve

Reticulation and Controls


The high pressure water that is derived from the powerpack or pumpstation needs to be reticulated to the working area. This requires that it be done safely, efficiently, cost effectively and in a simple and user-friendly manner.

Novatek supply a range of products to suit the needs of a range of hydropower systems:

  • Close-coupled pump and drill systems installed in the working area.
  • Localised pumpstations serving a raiseline or number of working areas.
  • Larger systems requiring more complex valves and safety systems.

These include:

  • Pumpstation manifolds, with instrumentation for pressure, temperature and flow measurement and control.
  • Valves from 13 NB to 300 NB for isolation, safety shutdown, pressure control, etc.
  • Pressure reducing and filler valves for make-up water.
  • Piping for hydropower up to 300 NB, including bends, tees, reducers, etc.
  • Lightweight staple-lock piping that is easily moved and installed.
  • Hydropower hose.
  • Distribution manifolds for the working areas.
  • Safety fuses and isolating valves for safely connecting equipment and providing protection in the event of hose failure.