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Engineering Services for Local Content and Product Development


Novatek collaborates with various other OEMs and customers in  mining and general industry to develop new products or to find local design solutions to replace and often improve on expensive imported products. In this process we are able to adapt products to suit African conditions or specific user needs.

Imported spare parts for some OEM equipment can often be produced for a fraction of the normal imported cost. It also means that these items can be more readily available and can be refurbished. The Covid lockdowns have highlighted the problems of offshore sourcing and delays in obtaining key components.

Our integrated engineering, prototyping and manufacturing systems (all under 1 roof) allows us to effectively reduce the development time and ensure the product can be economically manufactured and functions as designed. We are also able to easily make design changes.

We can produce 3 dimensional CAD (computer drafting) models which can be easily visualised by the client. 3D printed models and prototypes can also be produced.

Our CAD design is integrated with CAM (computer aided manufacture) for quick manufacture of machined parts in our factory using CNC machine tools.

Our experienced includes most manufacturing processes and materials; including high grade stainless steels and tool steels and also in engineering polymers.