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Linear Motor

Linear Motor

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Hydropowered Equipment


Novatek provides a range of hydropowered tools (other than drills and rigs) for the working area, including:


  • Jetting guns for fast and effective face cleaning. These can be supplied to suit required flowrates for use with and without face scrapers. Also useful for cleaning under conveyor belts and in metallurgical plants.
  • Hole cleaners and desludgers are important for cleaning cuttings from blastholes and ensuring they are dry, especially if using ANFO. The numerous waterjets quickly clean the holes of debris, before sucking out all water.
  • Watering down guns for general washing and cleaning; available with fixed nozzles or adjustable nozzles.
  • Utility guns/ valves for on/off control of hydropower tools such as chainsaws.
  • Chainsaws for rapidly and accurately cutting timber support.
  • Jet pumps for removing wastewater. No electrical or compressed air and no fear of running dry.
  • Linear motor for applications that require a very controllable but forceful linear motion. Used in emulsion explosives loaders.
  • Pelton wheel drives for general rotary motion and for grout pumping.
  • Staple tools.
  • Pressure and flow testers.